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Top 3 Benefits of a Will and Last Testament

Creating a last Will and Testament may be a smart move, but that doesn't mean that every adult has one. In fact, 30 million UK residents have never even created a Will. Why? Mostly because it forces us to think about our mortality and that can be terrifying for some. Others feel that if they…
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5 Things to Consider When Writing a Last Will and Testament

Putting together your last Will and testament is a personal and sensitive task. Nobody wants to think about their inevitable end, and thus are prone to putting off this task often until it's, too late. According to the IPW, many assume, quite wrongly, that all their property will automatically pass to their partner. Difficult as…
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How To Avoid Disinheriting Your Children

How a Trust can protect your children from becoming disinherited Recently in the News is the distressing story of Linda Bellingham's two sons in a dispute over her Will with her surviving husband. The exact details of the Will itself have not yet been made public but there are some clear lessons which people wanting…
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Why You Should Organise A Will

Have you asked yourself, do I need a Will? What is a Will and Why do I need one? A Will puts you in control of what happens on your death. You choose who will benefit from your estate and how much they are entitled to. Should you die without a valid Will then your…
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