What are Executors and Trustees?

What do Executors and Trustees do? Executors are the people appointed in your Will who will deal with your financial affairs after your death: They will need to locate the Will. It makes sense to tell your executors that they are the executors, where the Will is being kept and ensure that they can get…
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Issues To Consider With DIY Wills

Are you looking for a DIY Will? The desire to accomplish something rewarding and the empowerment that we all feel after a few hours of surfing the Net can be great. But, one area in which DIY can be far more dangerous than hitting your thumb with a hammer is that of DIY wills and…
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Wills For Same Sex Couples

Wills for Same Sex Couples Same sex partners who are not married or in a registered or civil partnership cannot inherit under the intestacy rules. They are also subject to the same status as unmarried people. Do please read our page on unmarried people and Wills. Wills for Gay Couples At Private Will Services, we…
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