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Lifetime Trusts

What is a Lifetime Trust? Whether you call them 'Asset Protection Lifetime Trusts', 'Asset Protection Trusts', Family Protection Trusts', or 'Property Protection Trusts', a Lifetime Trust is an instrument which enables you to protect your property or assets whilst you are alive. Unlike Will Trusts which come into force on your death, a Lifetime Trust…
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Protective Property Trust Wills

Protecting your Property with a Will Trust Protective Property Trusts can be a useful trust that you can include in your Wills. They are primarily for couples and start from the basis that on first death your share of any property you own is passed into a trust rather than straight to the person/s inheriting…
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Advice on Trusts

When it comes to Trusts, we help you get the right advice Why do I need advice on Trusts? Did you know that if you sign over your house to your children¬†during your lifetime in an attempt to shelter it from being used to pay care fees: A local authority can ignore the transaction, without…
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