Many people never discuss inheritance with their families

Many people never discuss inheritance with their families

"Almost half of UK citizens have never discussed inheritance with their families, and a quarter do not think it is a priority, according to new research from Brewin Dolphin."

"The research, undertaken with Opinium, revealed that 47 per cent of UK adults have never discussed inheritance matters, while 26 per cent do not consider the conversation as a matter of priority, on the basis that they are not old enough to worry about it."  STEP*

There are many substantial threats to the wealth that people pass on to their families.  These include Care Home fees, Inheritance Tax and Sideways Disinheritance through late marriages etc.  Many of these threats can be mitigated through estate planning.  This is not something just for the very rich, but for all families with even a modest inheritance.

What Private Will Services offer is a friendly chat through your aims and how you can achieve those aims and avoid pitfalls that could harm an inheritance.  For a Free Review of your situation just give us a call.  02380 070 169.


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