Why a funeral plan is a smart financial decision

Funeral costs in the UK are rising every year.

According to the 2017 SunLife Cost of Dying Report1 the average cost of a funeral in 2004 was £1,920, today it is £4,078. That's an increase of 112% - well above inflation.
This is the average cost of organising a funeral directly with a funeral director.
Funeral director's fees make up the majority of the £4,078 figure averaging at £2,4911. Then there is the burial or cremation cost, with the average cost of a cremation being £791, and burial totalling £2,0591.
The final cost can vary on factors including where you live, the funeral director, and how much you spend on each optional costs, such as venue hire, catering, the headstone, flowers, and limousines.
Since 2004, this cost has risen by 112%. Golden Charter have estimated that if funeral costs continue to rise at the same rate year on year, the average cost of a funeral will be more than £7,000 in 2027.
A Golden Charter funeral plan offers an easy way to pay for your funeral director's service at a cost that's fixed at current prices.

Q: Why purchase a Golden Charter funeral plan?

A: A Golden Charter funeral plan is a safe and simple way to get real peace of mind
Nobody wants their family to face money worries in the future. With a funeral plan in place you fix the cost of the funeral director’s services in your plan at today’s prices. So no matter how much the cost of these services rise in the future, your family will have nothing more to pay for these services – guaranteed (once your plan is paid in full).
Golden Charter are owned by independent funeral directors, and their UK network of funeral directors is wider than the Co-op’s.
With a Golden Charter Funeral Plan your payments are protected. Your money is paid into the Golden Charter Trust2, a separate entity from Golden Charter and is run by an independent board of trustees who are chosen for their skills, experience and safeguard the payments made by their plan holders. They make sure all future payments can be made, which means they can guarantee the funeral director services included in your plan.

Private Will Services are an authorised Agent for Golden Charter and would be delighted to help provide you with more information about their services.

  • SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017. Projections by Golden Charter based on SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017.
  • This excludes the fixed monthly payment option where money is paid to a UK life assurance company and managed by them.

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