Wills For Same Sex Couples

Wills for Same Sex Couples

Same sex partners who are not married or in a registered or civil partnership cannot inherit under the intestacy rules. They are also subject to the same status as unmarried people. Do please read our page on unmarried people and Wills.

Wills for Gay Couples

At Private Will Services, we provide will writing services to the LGBT community. We offer a professional service that gives respect and dignity to all parties. With many factors to consider when writing a will, why risk getting your will wrong. If you are a gay couple, or in a civil partnership or marriage, call us today to book your appointment or to find out more about the services we offer.

Civil Partnerships and Wills

Civil Partnerships give comparable rights to same sex couples as those enjoyed by married heterosexual couples. Civil partners will have equal treatment in a wide range of legal matters with married couples, including inheritance tax. Therefore the same rules and advantages that people married can make use of in their Wills can also be utilised by people in a civil partnership.

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